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distribute bandwidth across multiple servers. Provides fault tolerance so server outages have no effect.

logs all security events across all devices. Usually includes advanced reporting and logs.

sits between users and the external network. Receives the user requests and sends the request on their behalf

Encrypts and decrypts network traffic from remote location

It’s used to control the flow of traffic, to prevent bad traffic from coming to the inside of your network, and in some cases, to keep bad traffic from leaving your network.

A list of rules that the firewall checks and allows or disallows traffic based upon.

Switch configuration that’s taking traffic from the wireless network and switching it on to the Ethernet network

Attracts hackers to come and hack and can make them think that this is a whole separate company while keeping yours safe. Needs to look real so bad guys cant tell they are trapped in a virtual environment

technique used to gain information about a computer system on a network and the services running on its open ports. Administrators can use this to take inventory of the systems and services on their network.

This will find as much info as possible about Operating Systems and patches to see where there might be weak spots in the network. This is active but minimally invasive to the network.

all in one security appliance

Stops data leakage and is meant to show where important data is going out of your network

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